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Benevolent Fund

The benevolent fund is accessible by all Local 038 members through the Benevolent Fund Coordinator.

Member Illness:

If a member is absent from work due to personal illness for 5 days or more a request for flowers or an edible arrangement may be placed with the Benevolent Fund Coordinator.

Information Required:


  •  Member's home address and telephone number must be provided for delivery of the flowers.
Memorial donations may be made when a Local 038 member has experienced a death in their immediate family.
Information Required:
  • Obituary of the deceased as that provides documentation for the official records; the name of the deceased; and usually the name of the charity. (If no obituary or funeral service bulletin is available please contact the Benevolent Fund Coordinator for alternative options).
  • Home address of the Local 038 member for the charity to send the member a note of acknowledgement. 


Benevolent Fund Coordinator

Melody Stewart


 [email protected]

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