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Please make sure you come out to vote tomorrow Friday May 16, 2014 on the tentative agreement that was reached!  The polls open at 9:00am and will close at 3:00pm with the results announced shortly after the counting is complete.  Polling stations can be found on Main Campus in the Lobby of the Shaw Theatre, Souch Campus, Patricia Campus and in Peace River.  There will be a presentation with the Negotiator at 9:00am and 1:00pm in the Shaw Theatre.  The slideshow that provides the highlights of the tentative agreement can be found under the Documents and Forms Tab as Tentative Agreement 2014.

Pension Rally March 2, 2014

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With the proposed changes to the pension now more than ever we the membership need to take action and raise our voices to the Government of Alberta.  

There is a major rally planned for Sunday March 2, 2014 at 2:00p at Churchill Square in Edmonton. It's very important that as many members come out.  If you disagree and are upset about what the Government would like to do you should be at the Rally.

Call your MLA, book an appointment to meet with them, email them and voice your concerns.

In the Links portion of the website many links have been added to provide updated information on what is happening as well as websites of other Unions from across the province who are also taking the stand and fighting for our pensions.

This hasn't been legislated yet now is the time to stand up for our pensions more than ever. 

The Newsletter is Back!

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So after a hiatus the newsletter has made a return.  We'd like to hear from you the members what information you'd like to see in the newsletter and how you may like to receive it (email, posted to the website, etc...).  We would also welcome general interest submissions as to what fun and unique projects you our members are involved in.  As always your Executive and Local Council are working hard on your behalf and would love to hear your thoughts and concerns.

In Touch Newsletter

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The most recent edition of the In Touch Newsletters has been posted to the website!  Check it out, there are lots of stories and a few links offering an outside AUPE perspective on Unions and their importance.

These newsletters would not be possible without the hard work of the volunteers who commit the time to write a short article and put them all together.  Thank you!

Would you like to get involved with the monthly newsletter?  We're always looking for different perspectives and submission of articles.  If this interests you at all please contact one of your Local Council members and we can direct you to the right individual for submissions.

Share Your Thoughts With LAPP

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The LAPP Board wants to know what you think about your pension, what it has to offer you and whether it still suits your needs. Not much has changed about the plan since it was created in 1962, yet the world has changed a great deal in that time. People are changing jobs more often and living longer lives.  How should LAPP adapt to keep abreast of the changes?

Here is your chance to let LAPP Know what you think. Click here to be taken to the LAPP website where you can start your survey and enter for your chance to win an iPad!

Alberta Blue Cross Fee Increase

Posted on November 27, 2011 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (1)

Alberta Blue Cross has advised us there will be a slight increase to the rates charged for travel insurance on January 1, 2012.

Single moves from $2.32/month to $2.68/month.

Family moves from $5.38/month to $6.24/month.

This will change the total rates to Single $67.36 and Family to $157.86. 

40% being deducted from AUPE staff will change:

Single - $26.80 to $26.94

Family $62.80 to $ $63.14

If you have any questions on this please contact Janice Letourneau.

IMPORTANT Changes to the Dependent Scholarship Plan

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There have been some changes to the Dependent Scholarship application process. Could you please update your respective websites ASAP with the attached updated information on the Dependent Scholarship Plan. As well could I ask you to please distribute to your members the following information with regards to the application process for a Dependent Scholarship. Effective immediately, the applications must be submitted on the revised HR.900 Form (Eform #HR.900 09/16/2011 Replaces 10/26/2010). Applications submitted on older outdated forms will NOT be accepted.

HR.5.3 NAIT Guideline – Dependent Scholarship

HR.5.3 NAIT Procedure – Dependent Scholarship

HR.900 NAIT Dependent Scholarship Application Form

Please note the following changes:

The application deadlines have been changed effective July 1, 2011.

1. Applications and Review Procedures For Regular Day-Time Academic Course Work

Applications for scholarships (using the Dependent Scholarship Application Form – HR.900, below) are dependent upon successful completion of the full-time credit program semester and the completed application form must be received on or before the following dates for each semester:

a) Fall Semester courses (September – December) – February 15.

b) Winter Semester courses (January – April) – June 15.

c) Spring/Summer Semester courses (May – August) – October 15.

Separate Dependent Scholarship Applications must be submitted for each academic term (semester) for daytime credit programming (i.e. fall, winter, or spring/summer semesters).

Applications received after these fixed deadline dates will NOT be accepted.

2. Application and Review Procedures for Apprenticeship Programming

Applications for scholarships (using the Dependent Scholarship Application Form – HR.900, below) are dependent upon successful completion of the apprenticeship intake and are only accepted for 45 calendar days after completion of the apprenticeship intake. Separate Dependent Scholarship Applications must be submitted for each apprenticeship intake.

Late applications received after the 45 calendar days will NOT be accepted.

3. Application and Review Procedures for Continuing Education (CED) Courses and Corporate and International Training (CIT) Courses

Applications for scholarships (using the Dependent Scholarship Application Form – HR.900, below) are dependent upon successful completion of the CED/CIT career or credit course and are only accepted for 45 calendar days after completion of the course.

Late applications received after the 45 calendar days will NOT be accepted.

The scholarship awarded is based on successful completion of the programs/courses and requires validation. For regular day-time academic or CED/CIT applications, a NAIT transcript must be included. A NAIT transcript means an unofficial transcript which can be printed by the dependent from the student portal. For apprenticeship applications, notification from Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) that the dependent has passed and is eligible to carry on into the next year must be included.

Additional Procedure Changes:

Amount of Scholarship Awarded:

The dependent is entitled to only one scholarship equal to 50% of the tuition fees paid. The Plan is not intended for two staff members to combine their benefits so that the scholarship would equal 100% of the tuition.

Tuition Fees Paid By An External Company

When the tuition fees for a day-time academic program, apprenticeship program or CED/CIT career or credit course have been paid by an external company, the staff member is not eligible to submit an application form for a Dependent Scholarship. The Plan is intended to provide assistance to dependents of staff members, not benefit external companies nor profit dependents not paying their own tuition.

Dependent Must Be In Good Standing

The Dependent who has failed to pay any outstanding fees by the specified due date will have their student account placed on Financial Hold. Dependents whose files have been designated as “Financial Hold” will be excluded from receiving the awarded scholarship and any further services from NAIT.

The dependent is required to settle any outstanding indebtedness with NAIT. The designation of “Financial Hold” needs to be removed before the Scholarship will be awarded.

Thank you.


Eleanor Dunbar
Organizational Development Project Officer

Department of Human Resources
P 780.471.7665 F 780.471.8477

50 Outstanding Alumni

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As part of NAIT’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2012, 50 outstanding alumni will be recognized in a commemorative issue of techlife magazine. We’re searching for these 50 right now – NAIT staff, students, alumni and the general public can nominate NAIT grads at They will be entered to win an iPad2 just for sharing the tip! Closing date for nominations: December 31, 2011. All graduates of NAIT full time or apprenticeship programs and retired NAIT staff are considered alumni of NAIT.

If you know of someone deserving of this recognition please nominate them.

AUPE Staff Training Fund Process Change

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All applications are to be forwarded to the Local Chair - Raymond Walmsley.

Application deadlines are the third Thursday of every month.

The Committee will meet the fourth Thursday of every month.

The Committee Chair will advise the applicant of results which could be any of the following:

  1. You are approved.
  2. You are not approved.
  3. More information is required in order to make a decision.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ray Walmsley.

Negotiated 5 Days of Vacation

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Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Please be advised that the 5 additional vacation days in year one of our AUPE contract MUST BE USED BY JUNE 30, 2011. If you do not use these additional 5 days by June 30, 2011 they will be removed from your vacation entitlement effective July 1, 2011.  Please remember that these days cannot be paid out.

Please refer to the Letter of Understanding found in the Collective Agreement for the exact wording and how these days are managed.

The following are some of the most common questions and their answers regarding these additional 5 days:

How do I know that I am entitled to the additional 5 days?

As per the Letter of Understanding in the Collective Agreement, all salaried employees hired prior to October 3, 2010 will receive the additional days.  Casual employees hired prior to that date had a one time 2% pay equivalent on their paycheque.

How do I know if it was posted to my Vacation entitlement?

Click on Staff Resources page, Self-Service Tools, HR Payroll/Self Service and click on Vacation Summary - Under Heading Vacation Absense History.  You will see the following posted to your account if a salaried employee.

I took some vacation time did HR apply it to these 5 days?

Any vacation that you have taken from October 3, 2010 forward the 5 days will be used first and then your regular earned vacation days would then apply for anything after the 5 days.